Do you like paintings?

Memories of the past

As I already mentioned, I take a walk in the park every morning, at least I try to. I like these moments of unity with nature when the first sun beams wake the trees up. The lonely path is slowly filled with people of different age and occupation hurrying somewhere. Unfortunately, the older we get the less time we have to stop and admire the change of seasons. I remember, when I was a kid, I used to take my mom’s hand and go to my favorite oasis of untouched nature. I really miss those moments and surrounding myself with paintings of parks helps me keep in touch with my happiest memories. That’s why there are so many of the all over my house.

Inspired by art

If I need a piece of inspiration, I look at my favorite painting by Leonid Afremov called Rain’s Rustle. The best thing about it is that I can do it whenever I like – he has a site where you can view any canvas artwork online without having to buy it! Rain’s Rustle is a great example of Leonid Afremov’s painting techniques. The picture is full of vibrant colors that grab your attention the very moment you see them. The wide path is covered with puddles, and it is still raining. The loving couple is strolling under an umbrella; their silhouettes are generously lit by street lamps. I like this canvas artwork for the feeling of coziness it gives me. Sometimes I imagine myself sitting on that wooden bench and dreaming about something pleasant. But the most striking thing is the leaves on the trees – they resemble fireworks to me. Will you ever be bored with such bright piece of art? I don’t think so.

A place you should definitely visit!

I have a lot of friends thinking about renovating their apartments. Whenever they ask my advice, I always point them to the web gallery of Leonid Afremov for many reasons:

  • This is a place where you can buy canvas art online cheap – I mean much cheaper than in any other art gallery.
  • You don’t have to worry about delivery and safety – it is included in the price.
  • The variety of themes will satisfy anyone, be it a romantic housewife or a busy office manager.
  • Finally, frequent discounts will you save up and purchase more than one painting at the same price!

So if you value your money and time, choose a suitable sample of canvas art, buy online whatever you like and fill your home with paintings that mean something to you!


Starting a new life

Today people spend their lives in an attempt to earn as much money as they can. They work day and night often forgetting about simple joys and pleasures. They forget about proper recreations, hobbies and other interesting things. You may ask me how I know this, and I will tell that I used to belong to this category of people a few years ago. I had no free time because I dedicated it to laws and interesting cases; I ate unhealthy food, because I had no time for cooking; and didn’t do much exercise because of the same reason. When I quit my job, everything became much easier – now I have plenty of time that I can spend on myself. I picked two wonderful hobbies – painting and photography, so I decided to visit new places to get more inspiration. My husband is extremely happy that I started cooking for him, though he still orders pizza from time to time. Derek supports me in my aspiration to sport, and he found this interesting article for me: It says that it is much more useful to climb the stairs than just walk miles. Now Derek and I start every day with a little running and a lot of stairs in the park near our house. And you know what? I feel better by the day, so my advice to you is to forget about elevators. It will definitely make you healthier and won’t take much of your time!

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Hi, everybody!

I’m Jane Singer from Portland and I adore visual arts! Though I’m a bit more than thirty, I decided to start my painting career only a few years ago. I used to be a lawyer, but my life was rather boring. Everything changed when I quit my job and found a new hobby. Now I can’t imagine my life without travelling, painting and photography. I also decided to pursue a healthier way of life that includes the right food and physical exercise. Though I try hard, my painting skills aren’t perfect. But I firmly believe I can achieve everything I dream of and one day you’ll come to my personal exhibition!